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Kanye West aka Yeezus aka the GOAT of Hip Hop

11 Nov

I think this is an interesting/important topic because Kanye West is one of the most influential people in the music industry. His music, his achievements outside of music, and even his awards make him the most interesting person in music. Lets start with his music. Kanye’s music has influenced many artists such has Big Sean, Teyana Taylor, John Legend, 2Chainz, and even artist who aren’t on his record label like Drake. Drake is also known as one of the “GOATS” or pioneers of hip hop. In an interview with MTV he stated,” Before I ever got the chance to meet him, Kanye West shaped a lot of what I do, as far as music goes. We always, always, always took the time to listen to Kanye’s music and appreciate it beyond.” As far as his achievements outside of music he has several clothing line collabs with top designers like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Bathing Ape, APC, Nike, and he just recently signed a deal with Adidas. Here’s a fun fact about his shoe collab with Nike. The two most popular and expensive shoes Nike every came out with (without a celebrities autograph on it) were the Jordans #2 and The Nike Mags. The Jordan #2 retail price are $180 but were sold online for $31,000. The Nike Mags retail price were $1,500 but sold online to close to $15,000. Kanye West shoe “ The Yeezys” retailed at $250 but sold online for $90,000 making him the top non-athlete seller Nike has ever had. Finally, the awards he has won speaks for themselves. He has 21 Grammys making him the 8th highest person in Grammy history. He has the 6th highest won by males and is the second, I repeat second highest for a producer. In class, I would first like to discuss how influential he is, as an artist in music and as an artist in the fashion industry. This relates to the course content in a few ways. Cultural appropriation can be looked at from different point of views. Cultural appropriation occurs when an individual (or group) uses someone else’s cultural symbols to satisfy a personal need for self-expression. He does this in his music when he samples different artist from different genres in his beats. He takes somebody else’s beats and makes it fit to his style of music. He also does this by the clothes he wears. He once wore a kilt on stage, that looked like a skirt to prove to people that clothes have no gender. This isn’t his first time wearing women clothes or baggy but fitted shirts that look like a dress. When you think about males wearing kilts, skirts, or long t-shirts that look like dresses, people assume that, that person is gay. According to Cultural appropriation A celebrity “plays” being a marginalized minority of a lower-socio-economic class by “performing” parts of the culture (fashion, music styles, etc.) but at the end of the day, they can wipe it all off and go back to being a person of power with privilege. Regardless of Kanyes intentions, good or bad, he will still be a person with power. Finally, we could also talk about the cultural diamond and how he influenced the fashion industry.


BET Cyphers

21 Oct

In this weeks blog, I’m  going to talk about the cyphers that took place at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards last week. Overall, I felt like everybody did a good job. Even the underground artist that people might not know about. Out of all the groups, I would say my favorites would be TDE, ASAP Mob, and The Real husbands of hollywood. Watch the following cyphers below and let me know who you think did the best.

TDE Cypher


My personal favorite.  I think everybody in the group did good. In an interview with Sway, after just four bars of rapping, SchoolBoy Q said thats when he started freestyling. It’s rare to have rappers actually freestyle in their cyphers or to freestyle period now a days. Most artist memorize their verse or they recite a verse from one of their songs. Another highlight of this cypher was of course Kendrick Lamar. In my opinion Kendrick had the best verse between every cypher performed. There has also been rumors that Kendrick had a few lines dissing Drake in his verse.



ASAP Mob was another group that i enjoyed. If you’re an ASAP fan, you knew that ASAP Rocky would have the best verse in his crew. Second best I would have to say was ASAP Ferg. Ferg is already coming up as an artist, this cypher proved that he will continue to be a top contender.

The Real Husbands Of Hollywood 


Last but not least! The Real Husbands Of Hollywood was by far the funniest cypher ever shown on BET. Everybody from Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, and yes, even to JB Smoove killed their verse. The talk of this cypher would be Kevin Hart. ” Buck Buck Bink Bink that’s a gun homie.”  Was one of the funniest lines in his verse. You can’t listen to this cypher without laughing,