Pop Culture Post #1

1 Sep

Something that I feel nostalgic about is when I went to see Kanye West and Jay Z in concert for the first time. Both of them went on tour together and their show was amazing. I feel nostalgic about it because it changed the way I viewed concerts as well as how other artist started performing during their concerts. It wasn’t a normal performance, their production made their concert feel like I was watching a movie. They had moving stages, visuals representing their songs on over five different screens (including the moving stage), and a special encore at the end of the show. Now I’m not saying any of this is new. I’ve seen artist such as Brittney Spears, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, and even Miley Cyrus have great performances. I’m soley focusing on the rap industry. The book we are currently reading, “Pop Culture Freaks,” defines the word culture as both sacred and everyday. Before the Watch The Throne tour the culture for rap performances were generic. The artist song would come out and they would stand in the middle of the stage for about two hours performing their song. There wasn’t any productions value; there wasn’t anything to excite the crowd. Ever since their tour, the trend for high quality production has increased in the rap industry. As of right now I don’t think there is any pop culture that I will feel nostalgic about ten or twenty from now. Music is my life, so I go to a lot of concert throughout the year as well as keep up with other artist outside of the rap industry. Besides Kanye doing his Yeezus tour last winter/spring, I don’t see any rap artist trying to break out that generic box. The Reflection theory examines the ways that culture reflects the social world. If the rap culture is satisfied with mediocre, it’s eventually going to rub off on the social world. Which is actually happening now in the rap industry. But that’s a whole different topic I won’t touch on today. Overall, if rap artist are satisfied with how they perform now, eventually other genres will start to out produce the rap industry. But hey, if people love their music enough to see them stay in one place to perform, who am I to judge?


New Mixtapes!

4 Dec

There has been a few good mixtapes that came out in the past few weeks. Here are my top three I recommend you check out.


#ItsThaWorld 2

Young Jeezy- #ItsThaWorld 2

Finally another Jeezy tape! Young Jeezy is one of my favorite artist and he’s finally giving us more music to vibe to.

Lil Nardy - Up In Smoke

Lil Nardy – Up In Smoke

This is my favorite so far. Lil Nardy is an independent artist out of Mobile, AL and he  brings great lyrics and production to the hip hop industry.

Soulja Boy - The King

Soulja Boy – The King

Soulja Boy is at it again with another mixtape. I haven’t heard the whole thing but from what I have heard, it’s your typical Soulja Boy mixtape.

Independent vs. Mainstream

21 Nov

One question that I meant to ask you guys is who  do you normally listen to? Independent or mainstream artist? A lot of people are starting to drift away from music played on the radio. It seems that anybody can get a record deal in this generation. If you look good, have a catchy hook, sound like everybody else, or can somewhat sing, you can get a record deal. But looking good doesn’t mean you’re a good artist, it just means you can be marketed in a way that make you seems like an artist. Half of the artist you hear on the radio stations don’t write their own lyrics. Some rappers and pretty much every singer has a ghost writer that writes for them. That’s is one of the main reasons I listen to Independent artist. there’re more genuine, more authentic, more real. Independent artist don’t have to conform to what these records labels want them to talk about. They make music for their fans not just for a paycheck. But don’t get me wrong, money is VERY important. Money is the motive in my eyes. But are you willing to sellout and let somebody else tell you how to do you craft for a paycheck? I’m not, but other people might think other wise.

On another note:


Action Bronson dropped his latest mix tape Blue Chips 2. Overall the tape was pretty good. Bronson is pretty lyrical. This is my first time listening to any of his mixtapes. Overall I would give it a 7.5 out of 10

Lyrics of the week: “When I was ten, back when nine ounces had got you ten. And nine times out of ten n*ggas don’t pay attention. And when there’s tension in the air, nines come with extensions.”

Nostalgia- Pusha T Feat. Kendrick Lamar

Song of the day: 10 2 10 (Remix)- Big Sean, Rick Ross, Travis Scott

Bodega Recap!

21 Nov


Like I mentioned last week, last Sunday I attended AMCS Bodega at the Fillmore. It was my first time going so I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to the Fillmore before for concerts but I’ve never been for a festival. The inside was set up a little different than it normally would be. They had the stage area set up was normal but in the back they had tables set up for different venders showcasing their art or  clothing line. 


I’m into fashion so I’m always looking to try out new clothing lines. Bodega provided local independent clothing lines to display some of their products. Some of the clothes were available for purchase and others were just the prototypes of what the clothes will soon look like. 



I loved the art work that the artists were showcasing. The bright colors these artist used mixed with the dim lighting in the building brought their work to life. 



The highlight of the event were the performances. There were over 10 performers that consist of rappers and singings. Some good, some decent, and some I felt like needs a little work. But overall I enjoyed seeing artist pursuing their passion. Because if you’re serious about what you do, you will always improve on areas that you can. This event help me network and find artist I can use for my upcoming mix tape the Carolina Take Over. 




Bodega is this Sunday!!

11 Nov

Anybody who is in the Charlotte area should attend Bodega on sunday! I will be speaking more about this through out the week including a recap of the event.


BET Cyphers

21 Oct

In this weeks blog, I’m  going to talk about the cyphers that took place at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards last week. Overall, I felt like everybody did a good job. Even the underground artist that people might not know about. Out of all the groups, I would say my favorites would be TDE, ASAP Mob, and The Real husbands of hollywood. Watch the following cyphers below and let me know who you think did the best.

TDE Cypher


My personal favorite.  I think everybody in the group did good. In an interview with Sway, after just four bars of rapping, SchoolBoy Q said thats when he started freestyling. It’s rare to have rappers actually freestyle in their cyphers or to freestyle period now a days. Most artist memorize their verse or they recite a verse from one of their songs. Another highlight of this cypher was of course Kendrick Lamar. In my opinion Kendrick had the best verse between every cypher performed. There has also been rumors that Kendrick had a few lines dissing Drake in his verse.



ASAP Mob was another group that i enjoyed. If you’re an ASAP fan, you knew that ASAP Rocky would have the best verse in his crew. Second best I would have to say was ASAP Ferg. Ferg is already coming up as an artist, this cypher proved that he will continue to be a top contender.

The Real Husbands Of Hollywood 


Last but not least! The Real Husbands Of Hollywood was by far the funniest cypher ever shown on BET. Everybody from Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, and yes, even to JB Smoove killed their verse. The talk of this cypher would be Kevin Hart. ” Buck Buck Bink Bink that’s a gun homie.”  Was one of the funniest lines in his verse. You can’t listen to this cypher without laughing,


Kanye speaks on creativity

19 Oct

Kanye speaks on creativity

A few weeks ago Kanye had a four part interview with BBC Zane Lowe. He spoke on his life, his views on the world, how people view him, and most importantly, creativity and how to move society forward. I honestly loved every part of the interview. Here is Part 2 where he speaks on his creativity and how society tries to limit his ideas.