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25 Nov

One person that I wouldn’t mind talking about is Donald Glover also known as Childish Gambino. Donald Glover is an actor, writer, comedian, rapper, and producer. He’s known for being on shows such as NBCs Community, Sesame Street, the Regular Show and a writer for 30 Rock. He has been in movies such as The Muppets, Magic Mike, and Lazarus. On top of all of that, he’s headlined four concerts and won a Comedy Award and a TV Guide award. I think this is an interesting topic because he has been in multiple industrys including the radio and television industry. Having the opportunity to be in both, he has spoke on privilege and double conciseness before in his interviews. Watch the clip below at 8:00. If you ever read his poem he spoke about how he wanted to be big and white. Now some people would question him and ask, “Embrace your blackness, why do you want to be white?” He than followed up with this statement,” Whiteness is blankness, they look at it like a blank slate, like when you come in you can be anything; Like when I walk in, even if I have a bow tie, they might be like, ‘is he Muslim?’ They’re not going to do that with a white dude.” This goes along what we talked about in class about intersectionality and having privilege. Even DJ Envy, the person interviewing him, agreed to that statement. He stated that even when he walks into a car dealership people assume he doesn’t have money because he’s black and young. But if a young white person walks into the same car dealership, people will assume that his parents have money. In this same interview he also spoke about Double Conciseness. Double Conciseness is when you’re a member of a marginalized group, you understand how to be and act in the world of the dominant group but also your own group Donald Glover is from Stone Mountain, GA which is one of the worse hoods in Georgia. But you would never guess that because when he is around certain people he knows how to act. He stated in an interview,” People see me work with a lot white people and just assume that I’m soft because I don’t talk or sound hood. But people fail to realize I’m from Stone Mountain.” Being able to balance and control how to act will get you far in life. I believe that you should never forget where you come from, but at the same time there’s a time and place to act a certain way.


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