Blog Post 5

30 Sep

In this weeks blog I will be talking about how masculinity is represented in popular culture. This is the example I am going to be using in this blog about masculinity. Skip to the :35 second mark. In this commercial, and like many other Old Spice commercials, Old Spice is trying to convince the audience what a real man spells like. He says and is assuming that your “man” is using female body wash and can’t be the man you want him to be unless he uses Old Spice. He is also assuming because he doesn’t smell like a man, he cant do man things like buy you tickets to a place you want to go to, or buy you diamonds. Because of course, diamonds are a female’s best friend. At the end of the commercial Old Spice has a text that says, “ smell like a man, man.” This is saying anything that you use for body wash besides Old Spice is for females. This commercial does support a one point Kat discussed in her article. One point that it does support is the association of muscularity with ideal masculinity. She mentioned in her article that men might feel uncertain about how to respond to the challenges of women in many areas of the social relation. I do agree with that. As we see in our society some men are afraid to talk to women. But as far this commercial goes she mentioned that in general, men have advantage over females in the area of physical size and strength. I also agree with that statement. In this commercial the actor is clearly physically fit. He’s not your average skinny male with a high pitch voice. So while he is saying that using this body wash makes you man, also looking like him makes you more of a man. That’s why he is telling the females to look at her man, and comparing it to how he looks. I do not think this is a healthy representation of masculinity in society because not every man looks like him. Everybody isn’t physically fit with a deep voice. I also know for a fact there are other body washes that are for men that wont have you smelling like a female. This commercial is trying to target men that might question if they’re really a man or not. When in reality, you can be skinny with a high-pitched voice and use another brand like dove for men and still be a man. It can be improved by not trying to call out men who don’t use Old Spice body or who are skinny.


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