Blog Post 4

22 Sep

I feel like we learn a lot about gender now in pop culture than before. Back then they would have ads that clearly shows a women getting disrespected. But in a sense, people didn’t take it as serious as they do now. Whether it’s music, movies, or television, people always find a way to point out gender roles. A good example would be the motorcycles add we looked at in class. Most motorcycle companies market their bikes in two different ways. Either they have a male riding the bike, or a female half naked posing on the bike. One thing that we talked about in class last week that I found interesting is that males are always doing something. I never noticed it until the teacher brought it to our attention. If a male celebrity is walking on the beach with noting but a speedo on, people will just think he’s taking a walk on the beach. Reverse that scenario and have women with a bikini on walking on the beach, and we call it flaunting her “goods.” In our book, Pop Culture Freaks, the author talked about how society brands woman as the social inferior of the man. After reading this chapter a few things the author talked about started to become clear to me. The author mentioned that no matter how much progress women make in this society, men would always have the upper hand. We can even bring race into this conversation. Some, not all, employers would rather look to hire a white male than hiring a black male. But if you throw a woman into the equation, that same employer would hire a black male instead of a woman. What does this say? This shows that some people don’t think women can do a job as well as a man. Pop culture has influenced my own life of how I act. I’ve never been gay or thought about being gay. But if you see somebody gay do something on television that you do, you might think twice about doing it again. I’m not saying this is right, but it just shows you how much power pop culture has on people. Everybody is scared what the next person might think of him or her. So if I see a celebrity that I look up to do something people would consider straight and cool, I might try to imitate him so I can get the same reaction from people. The only example I can think about is when Kanye West brought back the skinny jeans. People automatically correlated skinny jeans with female jeans and called him gay because most females wear skinny jeans. But comes to find out, wearing skinny jeans changed the whole rap culture. You don’t see rappers wearing bagging jeans or bagging clothing in general like they use to.


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