Blog 3

16 Sep

My thoughts are the same about this class. I’m still interested in learning about pop culture and the different aspects of it. One thing that I like about this class are the activities that we are doing. I like the love/hate debates that we plan to have because you will get to hear people’s different opinions about different topics. I’m also looking forward to the lip sync contest we are going to have. I love classes that are interactive rather than just us sitting and learning every class period. This helps some students learn better. I’m looking to learn more about the cultural diamond that we talked about the other week. I think it’s interesting that there are different ways to view pop culture. It makes me think about the roll that I play in society. Right now I would say I’m the receiver like most people are. But soon I want to transition to start being the creator. That’s where the money is and that’s how you start to get notice. I DJ and make mixtapes so in a sense I am a creator. I create music content for rap artist in the Carolinas to enjoy. I put out the content onto social media, which is the social world. And from the there, people who listen to my tapes become the receiver. So in a way you can say I am a cultural object, or at least becoming one. I think the biggest challenge for me will be keeping up with the readings and passing the quizzes. The last quiz we took I studied for but when the quizzes were handed out I could barely answer the questions. After a few more quizzes I know I’ll get the hang of it. I’m going to overcome it by trying too study a lot more and more often. If I have a question about the material or a concept I will start coming to you (the teacher) a lot more for help. I need this class for my major so I have to pass. I’m trying to get at least a B in this class. An A would be perfect, but a B will have me satisfied. You can help by always being available to help me when its needed. Another way you could help is always making sure we understand the materiel before we have a quiz the next class.


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