Pop Culture Post #1

1 Sep

Something that I feel nostalgic about is when I went to see Kanye West and Jay Z in concert for the first time. Both of them went on tour together and their show was amazing. I feel nostalgic about it because it changed the way I viewed concerts as well as how other artist started performing during their concerts. It wasn’t a normal performance, their production made their concert feel like I was watching a movie. They had moving stages, visuals representing their songs on over five different screens (including the moving stage), and a special encore at the end of the show. Now I’m not saying any of this is new. I’ve seen artist such as Brittney Spears, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, and even Miley Cyrus have great performances. I’m soley focusing on the rap industry. The book we are currently reading, “Pop Culture Freaks,” defines the word culture as both sacred and everyday. Before the Watch The Throne tour the culture for rap performances were generic. The artist song would come out and they would stand in the middle of the stage for about two hours performing their song. There wasn’t any productions value; there wasn’t anything to excite the crowd. Ever since their tour, the trend for high quality production has increased in the rap industry. As of right now I don’t think there is any pop culture that I will feel nostalgic about ten or twenty from now. Music is my life, so I go to a lot of concert throughout the year as well as keep up with other artist outside of the rap industry. Besides Kanye doing his Yeezus tour last winter/spring, I don’t see any rap artist trying to break out that generic box. The Reflection theory examines the ways that culture reflects the social world. If the rap culture is satisfied with mediocre, it’s eventually going to rub off on the social world. Which is actually happening now in the rap industry. But that’s a whole different topic I won’t touch on today. Overall, if rap artist are satisfied with how they perform now, eventually other genres will start to out produce the rap industry. But hey, if people love their music enough to see them stay in one place to perform, who am I to judge?


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