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New Mixtapes!

4 Dec

There has been a few good mixtapes that came out in the past few weeks. Here are my top three I recommend you check out.


#ItsThaWorld 2

Young Jeezy- #ItsThaWorld 2

Finally another Jeezy tape! Young Jeezy is one of my favorite artist and he’s finally giving us more music to vibe to.

Lil Nardy - Up In Smoke

Lil Nardy – Up In Smoke

This is my favorite so far. Lil Nardy is an independent artist out of Mobile, AL and he  brings great lyrics and production to the hip hop industry.

Soulja Boy - The King

Soulja Boy – The King

Soulja Boy is at it again with another mixtape. I haven’t heard the whole thing but from what I have heard, it’s your typical Soulja Boy mixtape.