Independent vs. Mainstream

21 Nov

One question that I meant to ask you guys is who  do you normally listen to? Independent or mainstream artist? A lot of people are starting to drift away from music played on the radio. It seems that anybody can get a record deal in this generation. If you look good, have a catchy hook, sound like everybody else, or can somewhat sing, you can get a record deal. But looking good doesn’t mean you’re a good artist, it just means you can be marketed in a way that make you seems like an artist. Half of the artist you hear on the radio stations don’t write their own lyrics. Some rappers and pretty much every singer has a ghost writer that writes for them. That’s is one of the main reasons I listen to Independent artist. there’re more genuine, more authentic, more real. Independent artist don’t have to conform to what these records labels want them to talk about. They make music for their fans not just for a paycheck. But don’t get me wrong, money is VERY important. Money is the motive in my eyes. But are you willing to sellout and let somebody else tell you how to do you craft for a paycheck? I’m not, but other people might think other wise.

On another note:


Action Bronson dropped his latest mix tape Blue Chips 2. Overall the tape was pretty good. Bronson is pretty lyrical. This is my first time listening to any of his mixtapes. Overall I would give it a 7.5 out of 10

Lyrics of the week: “When I was ten, back when nine ounces had got you ten. And nine times out of ten n*ggas don’t pay attention. And when there’s tension in the air, nines come with extensions.”

Nostalgia- Pusha T Feat. Kendrick Lamar

Song of the day: 10 2 10 (Remix)- Big Sean, Rick Ross, Travis Scott


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