Bodega Recap!

21 Nov


Like I mentioned last week, last Sunday I attended AMCS Bodega at the Fillmore. It was my first time going so I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to the Fillmore before for concerts but I’ve never been for a festival. The inside was set up a little different than it normally would be. They had the stage area set up was normal but in the back they had tables set up for different venders showcasing their art or  clothing line. 


I’m into fashion so I’m always looking to try out new clothing lines. Bodega provided local independent clothing lines to display some of their products. Some of the clothes were available for purchase and others were just the prototypes of what the clothes will soon look like. 



I loved the art work that the artists were showcasing. The bright colors these artist used mixed with the dim lighting in the building brought their work to life. 



The highlight of the event were the performances. There were over 10 performers that consist of rappers and singings. Some good, some decent, and some I felt like needs a little work. But overall I enjoyed seeing artist pursuing their passion. Because if you’re serious about what you do, you will always improve on areas that you can. This event help me network and find artist I can use for my upcoming mix tape the Carolina Take Over. 





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