Creativity & Innovation

28 Sep

So this week’s blog is going to be about how to be more creative. Since this is a music blog I’m going to tell you a few things how to get more creative ideas in music and being a more creative person all around. If you don’t know already, I’m a sophomore in college and one of the classes I’m taking is called creativity and innovation. I can honestly say this is the best class I’ve ever taking in my life. We had a guest speaker by the name of Cathy Anderson’s and she is VERY inspirational to being trying to have more creative ideas. She was very inspirational and she had a lot of ways I’ve never thought about to be more creative. I’m going to list a few methods she taught us and I will explain each in a few sentences.

  1. The Creative notebook
    1. Mrs. Anderson said buy a notebook, and for 60 days fill up a page a day. This page can consist of anything; drawings, lyrics, music ideas, quotes, anything that comes to your mind. After the 60 days is up go back through your notebook and you will see your ideas start to come together.
  1. Rambling
    1. What is a ramble? A ramble is going somewhere new once a week. They key is to make yourself uncomfortable. Everybody is confortable doing the same thing they’re use to doing. Going to do something new every week can increase your networks and to help you be more creative because you’re surrounding yourself with new people with new ideas.
  1. How to create Flow
    1. We have all had those moments where were doing something that feels like a few minutes but really hours have passed. That’s called the euphoric flow. To put this in a music point of view, lets say you write music. If you write at the same time everyday, at the same place, everyday, you will create flow. It will seem like 30minutes has passed, but really 3 hours passed. You will be a more efficient worker when you’re able to create flow.

I do plan on buying a notebook and trying the 60days creative challenge she taught us. I had to come home to DJ for the weekend so I wasn’t able to try anything new in Charlotte like I wanted to. But the one thing that I did do new for the first time was DJ an elementary school dance. I’m use to Djing college events, parties, and sometimes receptions. Also the music that I’m use to playing is rap, RnB, and a little bit of pop music. I had to step out of my comfort zone and appeal to kids in the 5th grade and below. Before I arrived, I was a little nervous because I never had to DJ at an elementary school before, let alone little kids. After I set up in their cafeteria, all the little kids ran in starring at the stage I was on, seeing what song I was going to play first. The first and last song always determines if a party will be successful or not. I went through my playlist and ironically I decided to start with Black Eye Peas “Lets get it started.” They went crazy, running around, dancing, having the most fun they probably had all week. As time past I was noticing it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I noticed the only thing kids want to hear is dancing music or music they can run around to. It went a lot better than I thought. And to top it off, the last song I played was “Cupid shuffle” by Cupid. All of the kids, teachers, and principals all came together to do this dance. It was cute seeing little kids all doing the same line dance together. After the dance the teachers and students came to me and said that I did a good job and that they had fun. I had more fun than I thought I was going to have and for it being my first time, everything went good.  Have you tried anything new lately? If so, what was it and did you like it?

Song of the week: “305 To My City” – Drake

Lyrics of the week: Bound2-Kanye west

“Rock Forever 21 but just turned 30”


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