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3 Sep

Welcome to my first official blog! Let me first start by introducing who I am. My name is Chris Tolbert and I’m from Greenville, SC. I was born in Detroit, MI and have lived in 6 different cities in the north, south, and eastern part of the US. I’m a current sophomore at Queens University of Charlotte and plan on majoring in Communication Mass Media Studies and going to minor in either marketing or philosophy. Most of my life I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m great at. I have never failed a grade but no matter how hard I study I have always been an average student in school. As far as sports goes I can honestly say I’m an all around athlete. Since I was six I have at least played two sports a year until I reached High School where I focused my attention on basketball. But even in sports I was never great, I was always good, but not great. It wasn’t until 10/29/2011 that made me realize what I was passionate about, and what I could possibly be great at.

I have been Djing since I was in middle school but it was mainly just helping my uncle carrying the equipment to the event we were attending. My uncle use to DJ in college so he would always give me the latest CDs and songs that would come out. Because of him I never bought CDs. I think the first two CDs I ever bought were Eminem’s “The Eminen show” and B2Ks, “B2K.” And this was in 2002 when I was in second grade.  To make a long story short when Kanye West album “Graduation” came out I became a huge fan of his. Everything he talked about I could relate to. I started listening to his old albums and even bought his album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” which came out in 2010. (It came out on my birthday so I had to buy it)

The following year Kanye and Jay Z were working on their first duo album called “Watch the Throne.” (Personally the greatest collaboration I’ve ever heard) Before the album came out in August it was a rumor that they were going on tour together. I was going crazy. Kanye west and Jay Z in the same building? At the same time? I had to find out if they were really going on tour or not. After searching a few website, I found out yes it was true, I also found their tour schedule. Of course they weren’t coming to South Carolina, we don’t have a big enough market for them. But they were going to be performing in Atlanta on 10/29/2011. Atlanta is only two hours away from where I was from so it was a way for me to go.

I told my uncle about the tour and how this was a once in a lifetime concert. He agreed to take a few friends and me and all three of us agreed that this was the best concert we have ever been to. Besides the fact that Kanye West and Jay Z our role models, were right in front of our face, it was a lot deeper than that to me. I loved every single thing about that concert. How it was set up, the order they performed each song, the venue they chose to preform in, everything! A few things stuck out to me the most though. The production was crazy, instead of performing the song how it would sound on their album; they had a live band that made the song sound even better because it was a live performance. And at the end of the concert Kanye had told the DJ to play a random song by him and he performed that too.

I know I’m sounding excited like a little kid that found where his mom was hiding the cookie jar but that’s how exciting the show was, and that’s how excited I was.  Ever since that night I knew I wanted to something in the music field and my passion for music has grown everyday since. I’ve learned how to produce and engineer, I’ve became a better DJ, I know how to read crowds, and I comprehend rap and Hip Hop music which is the number one controversial music genre.  Right now I can’t say that I’m a great producer or great DJ, but I can say I’m above average. Music is my passion so I’m going to get better and better as time goes on.  And soon Ill be able to say I am the best producer/DJ of my generation.

This blog will consist of a lot of different topics each week. I will be talking about music news, newest upcoming artist, how to read crowds, lyrics of the week, songs of the weeks, how to produce, and many other music related topics. Just to clear up any questions, yes I will mainly be talking about rap and hip hop but I am versatile, I love all types of music. If there’s a song you really like that’s not a rap song please leave it in the comments below. I will listen to it and if I like it ill talk about it in my next blog. Also when I do a song or lyrics of the week they will change also. Some will be happy joyful songs/lyrics, and others will be more serious or they could be funny. If you don’t understand the lyrics or songs just leave a comment and Ill explain it in my next post. Thank you all for following my blog, if you know anybody who loves music just as much as I do tell them to follow also! Before I finish my blogs ill always end by asking you all a question. Question one, who’s your favorite artist and why? 



Song of the Week: “Ashley” by Big Sean


Lyrics of the week:  Heaven- Jay Z

   “Conspiracy theorist screaming Illuminati

They can’t believe this much skill is in the human body”


-Life changing momment 


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